How it works

Compass controls following Premiere Pro settings:

  • Export Media path

  • Export Frame path

Relative path

When R button is active Compass will use path that is relative to current project file. This is useful for projects that use folder structure templates.

If project is a part of Production, then path will be relative to Production folder.

Wildcard names

To have more control over path, use wildcard names to create dynamic folder names for each project.

When input is activated, wildcards will appear below input. Click on any of them to insert a wildcard at cursor position.

Override settings

Compass settings affect all projects. If needed settings could be changed for a specific project. Settings will be active whenever the project becomes active.

Folder Creation

If export path does not exist, Compass will create all necessary folders.

Supported Export Media dialogs

Compass supports all types of export dialogs:

  • Export Media dialog

  • Export tab (Premiere Pro 2022 and after)

  • Quick Export

  • Export from Media Encoder queue


Compass is translated to all Premiere Pro supported languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

If there is an incorrect translation, please write to

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