What is it for?

To apply effect or effect preset, one needs to open Effects Panel, click search bar and type what is needed. Then double click or drag the effect item on a clip. uservoice

Excalibur search bar: type first letters of the effect name and press Enter. Or just assign shortcuts to the most used effects.

To export timeline as individual clips, one needs to manually nest each clip, then select all of those nests in Project Panel and export them. uservoice

Excalibur command: Export Selected Clips

To paste clip on the same track it was copied from, one needs to disable all track targets, paste clip and enable initial targeting again. uservoice

Excalibur command: Paste Clip

If video/image height is bigger than its width, "Set to Frame Size" will leave black bars on the sides of a video. uservoice

Excalibur command: Fill Frame

"Nest..." doesn't work for audio clips. uservoice

Excalibur command Nest Clips will work with audio clips. Also it will move nest to special bin. Why clutter your project panel?

Trim Previous/Next Edit to Playhead on selected clips. uservoice A keyboard shortcut to delete transitions. uservoice Duplicate sequence + automatically iterate number. uservoice Keyboard shortcut to Solo video tracks. uservoice Increment and save for Premiere. uservoice Change multiple transition durations at once. usevoice Move Clip to Playhead. uservoice

Excalibur: Trim In/Out Point to Playhead, Remove Transitions, Duplicate and Increment, Solo Tracks, Solo Lock Tracks, Increment and Save, Add Transition, Move Clip Start/End to Playhead.

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