Change Log

1.1.3 — 2021-07-14


    Sequence module:
      Add Marker to Clip
      Target Video/Audio Tracks
      Mute Video/Audio Tracks
      Lock Video/Audio Tracks
      Sync Lock Video/Audio Tracks
    Preferences module:
      Display Color Management
      Snap playhead in Timeline
      Selection Follows Playhead
      Linked Selection
      Transparency Grid
      Show Rulers
      Show Guides
      Snap in Program Monitor
    Selection module:
      Select Clip Above/Below
      Extend Selection
      Select All Clips after/before Playhead
      Invert Selection
      Select All Disabled Clips
    Multiply, divide, percent operations are added for Position/Scale/Rotation and etc
    Excalibur Settings could be open from a search bar


    "Copy Frame to Clipboard" didn't work on some macOS machines
    "Export Media/Selected Clips" in a search bar used project location as an export path. Now it defaults to Premeire Pro last used export path (which could be controlled with Compass)
    Unnecessary undo step was performed for Duration/Speed command if duration/speed couldn't be changed or was the same for an affected clip
    Effect presets that used "Vector Motion" (part of Essential Graphics) added additional "Vector Motion" effect instead of changing values of an existing one
    Optimized "Nest Clips" command
    Optimized "Paste Clip on Same track" command
    Optimized preloading of a search bar
    Enter pressed multiple times in a search bar caused Excalibur to execute command multiple times


    "Add Marker" renamed to "Add Marker to Sequence"
    "Solo Tracks" renamed to "Solo Mute Tracks"

1.1.2 — 2021-05-13


    Copy Frame to Clipboard
    Wait command (for User Commands)
    Duplicate and Increment, Increment and Save now have user command options. One can define how naming will look like.
    Date wildcards for Nest Clips
    Apply Transition doesn't need shortcut to be set in "Premiere Pro -> Keyboard shortcuts"


    If audio preset included change of volume, it won't be applied
    Timecode command didn't work with selected clips on Windows
    Trim out point to playhead worked incorrectly with clips that have changed speed
    Film Impact transitions did't work: Light Leaks Impacts; Kaleido Impacts; Stripes Impacts; Chroma Leaks Impacts
    Optimized work with bigger timelines

1.1.1 — 2021-04-09


    Export Selected Clips: audio is included


    Undo command didn't work for some of actions
    Adjustment layer, Nest clips command didn't work on Windows
    Transitions and shortcut press commands
    Intrinsic effects value change on clips with changed speed
    Multiple Exports in user command resulted in same exports
    Doubling effect for Effect presets that also affect intrinsic effects
    Excalibur didn't respond or worked with a delay
    Timecode command

1.1.0 — 2021-03-19


    Undo command for Excalibur commands
    Label command (change label of clips)
    Adjustment layer added to New Item command
    Nest Clips and Nest Individual Clips now have two type of nest command:
      Premiere Pro nest
      Excalibur nest
    Audio preset can be applied to audio track with values changed (keyframes are not supported)
    Show Clip Keyframes command
    Control Surfaces on macOS support added. Stream Deck, Loupedeck, Orbital 2, etc are supported.
    Windows OS search bar options:
      Instant search bar
      Panel mode for search bar
    Submenus now have search bar
    User can set height of Excalibur search bar
    Transitions now support all languages


    Nest Individual Clips didn’t respect linked clips.
    Speed command when applied would set lower speed (target: 400%, result: 238%). Now speed command will be applied multiple times, until it will set proper speed value.
    Effect presets that used intrinsic effects in languages other than English would add to clip another copy of intrinsic effect (e.g. second copy of Motion)
    Japanese IME support improvement:
      on macOS it wasn't possible to use Japanese characters in Project panel
      Excalibur would quit when user selected suggestion from IME dropbox

1.0.1 — 2021-01-05


    Added support for Boris FX Continuum, Sapphire, Red Giant Universe and Film Impact v3 transitions
    Added support for Japanese and Italian transition names


    Excalibur could take several minutes to launch after "Unsheathe Excalibur" shortcut was pressed (related to Effect Presets and Custom Items.prfpset big file size)
    Effect presets wouldn't show up in Excalibur
    If an effect preset has more than one of the same effects, only one of them would be applied
    Duplicate and Increment placed new sequence in a random bin
    Fill Frame used on clips that have "Scale to Frame Size" enabled, would deliver inaccurate results
    A keyboard shortcut assigned to Nest Individual Clips would show an empty search bar
    When changing an existing transition without specifying its length, the length would be set to the default transition length
    F1-F24 keys couldn't be assigned as shortcuts on Windows
    After pressing down arrow on an empty search bar to show all commands, selected command wouldn't execute
    UI fixes

1.0.0 — 2020-12-01

Official release
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