Change Log

1.1.1 — 2021-04-09


  • Export Selected Clips: audio is included


  • Undo command

  • Adjustment layer, Nest clips command

  • Transitions and shortcut press commands

  • Intrinsic effects value change on clips with changed speed

  • Multiple Exports in user command

  • Doubling effect for Effect presets that also affect intrinsic effects

  • Excalibur didn't respond or worked with a delay

  • Timecode command

1.1.0 — 2021-03-19


  • Undo command for Excalibur commands

  • Label command (change label of clips)

  • Adjustment layer added to New Item command

  • Nest Clips and Nest Individual Clips now have two type of nest command:

    • Premiere Pro nest

    • Excalibur nest

  • Audio preset can be applied to audio track with values changed (keyframes are not supported)

  • Show Clip Keyframes command

  • Control Surfaces on macOS support added. Stream Deck, Loupedeck, Orbital 2, etc are supported.

  • Windows OS search bar options:

    • Instant search bar

    • Panel mode for search bar

  • Submenus now have search bar

  • User can set height of Excalibur search bar

  • Transitions now support all languages


  • Nest Individual Clips didn’t respect linked clips.

  • Speed command when applied would set lower speed (target: 400%, result: 238%). Now speed command will be applied multiple times, until it will set proper speed value.

  • Effect presets that used intrinsic effects in languages other than English would add to clip another copy of intrinsic effect (e.g. second copy of Motion)

  • Japanese IME support improvement:

    • on macOS it wasn't possible to use Japanese characters in Project panel

    • Excalibur would quit when user selected suggestion from IME dropbox

1.0.1 — 2021-01-05


  • Added support for Boris FX Continuum, Sapphire, Red Giant Universe and Film Impact v3 transitions

  • Added support for Japanese and Italian transition names


  • Excalibur could take several minutes to launch after "Unsheathe Excalibur" shortcut was pressed (related to Effect Presets and Custom Items.prfpset big file size)

  • Effect presets wouldn't show up in Excalibur

  • If an effect preset has more than one of the same effects, only one of them would be applied

  • Duplicate and Increment placed new sequence in a random bin

  • Fill Frame used on clips that have "Scale to Frame Size" enabled, would deliver inaccurate results

  • A keyboard shortcut assigned to Nest Individual Clips would show an empty search bar

  • When changing an existing transition without specifying its length, the length would be set to the default transition length

  • F1-F24 keys couldn't be assigned as shortcuts on Windows

  • After pressing down arrow on an empty search bar to show all commands, selected command wouldn't execute

  • UI fixes

1.0.0 — 2020-12-01

Official release