Regex folder name filter

Regular expressions (shortened as regex or regexp) are patterns used to match character combinations in strings.
To use regex filter enclose search pattern in slashes: "/temp/, "/\d/" Regex filter is case-insensitive.
For example you have folders generated by Media Encoder, it takes project name and attaches "_AME" to the end of it:
"Project_1_AME", "Project_2_AME", "Project_3_AME", etc
Instead of strictly defining name filter for each folder, you can set one regex filter:

Example usage:

  • /_ame/ — filter folder that has “_ame” in name: “project_ame”, “south_America”, “_amethyst"
  • /_ame$/ — filter folder that has “_ame” at the end of the name: “project_AME”
  • /^_ame/ —filter folder that has “_ame at the start if the name: “_amethyst"
  • /\d/ — filter folder that has any digit in name: “100_images”, “image_5_best”
Test regex online: