Automatically group projects

Chronicler will automatically group linked projects in the same folder.

For example a Premiere project can include After Effects Dynamic Link and Photoshop files: a folder will be created with the name of parent project and all linked projects will be placed inside that folder.

Show file extension

If enabled, project names will also include file extension, e.g.:

Photo.psd, Edit.prproj, Vector.svg

Show time with seconds

Show either "HH:MM" or "HH:MM:SS", e.g.:

Enabled : 10:12:03
Disabled: 10:12

Stop tracking after being idle for X minute(s)

If user is inactive, Chronicler will stop tracking. It is possible to set up to 60 minutes of idle time.

Currency & Default Rate

Define default rate for projects with billing. It is possible to change billing for every project individually.

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