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Type name of command and Excalibur will show you results matchting your query. You can navigate with arrows to select command (or mouse), and press Enter/Return (or click) to execute it.
To search for command faster, it is possible to type first letters of command name, divided by space.
Command Name
Search Example
Warp Stabilizer
w s
Add Marker to Selection
a m t s
Some of the commands have a right arrow near the name. That means that command has a submenu, where user can customise its parameters.
To access submenu press Right Arrow or Enter/Return.
There are few commands that have a default execution: Add Transition, Audio Effects, Nest Clips, Solo Tracks, Solo Lock Tracks, Remove Transitions. When Enter/Return is pressed default parameters will be used. To access submenu for these commands use Right Arrow.
Last modified 3yr ago