User Commands
User Command consists of one and more customised Excalibur commads, so it is possible to create combos/macros/workflows that fit your needs.
User Command has special command: Keyboard Shortcut. When used it will press defined shortcut.

Create User Command

    Open Settings and click "Add User Command" button. User command can have custom name and as any other command assigned shortcut.
    Click on "add command" button, search bar will appear, type name of command you want to add and press Enter/Return (or click on it).
    You can customise some of the commands.
    If you need another command to add, click on "add command" button again.

Edit User Command

    Select User Command and click on "Edit Command" button.
    To reorder commands, click on "" symbol. Commands will fold, now click and drag "" symbol. After release, commands will unfold again.
    To delete one of commands, press red button with cross to the left of command name.
    To delete User Command, press red button with cross to the left of User Command name.
Last modified 10mo ago