User Commands

User Command consists of one and more customised Excalibur commads, so it is possible to create combos/macros/workflows that fit your needs.

User Command has special command: Keyboard Shortcut. When used it will press defined shortcut.

Create User Command

  • Open Settings and click "Add User Command" button. User command can have custom name and as any other command assigned shortcut.

  • Click on "add command" button, search bar will appear, type name of command you want to add and press Enter/Return (or click on it).

  • You can customise some of the commands.

  • If you need another command to add, click on "add command" button again.

Edit User Command

  • Select User Command and click on "Edit Command" button.

  • To reorder commands, click on "" symbol. Commands will fold, now click and drag "" symbol. After release, commands will unfold again.

  • To delete one of commands, press red button with cross to the left of command name.

  • To delete User Command, press red button with cross to the left of User Command name.

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