Ingest and proxy workflow

Premiere Pro allows you to ingest media in the background while you are editing. You can choose one of four following operations to begin automatically when files are imported into the project:

  • Copy

  • Transcode

  • Create Proxies

  • Copy and Create Proxies

Due to Watchtower logic only Create Proxies option is supported by Watchtower. Copy/Transcode will change original path of imported media file to a new path and Watchtower will import original file again, creating an infinite loop.

Workarounds for other options are listed below.


  1. Open Ingest Settings. mac: File > Project Settings > Ingest Settings win: Edit > Project Settings > Ingest Settings

  2. Turn ingest off.

  3. Create destination folder you want your media be copied to.

  4. Add this folder using Watchtower. A bin will be created in the project.

  5. Manually copy files needed to destination folder.

  6. With autosync on, files will be automatically imported to the project. Otherwise click force sync button on Watchtower panel to import all new files

To learn more about Ingest and Proxy workflow visit Premiere Pro User Guide.

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